Fionda srl

Fionda is qualified partner able to offer both quality and experience.

A complete service, from product development up to the finished cover, able to support and assist during all phases, providing not only support but also innovative solutions.


  • R&D Interiors an design assistance
  • Mock up Development
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Leather wrapping
  • Customer care and assistance


The technical equipment of the departments have recently been innovated with the latest equipment that have allowed us to increase production capacity and simultaneously increase the efficiency of processes in economic terms . All departments are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment.


  • Stitching

  • Flat step stitching machines  
  • Double needle stitching machines  
  • Manual Pattern stitching machines
  • Automatic Pattern stitching  machines
  • SAB Air-bag stitching machines
  • Whip stitching machines  
  • Sleeves machines
  • Leather embossing machines
  • Automatic leather/textile drilling machines
  • Cutting

  • Leather skiving machine  
  • Automatic Leather cutter  
  • Automatic Textile cutter
  • Roll-out Textile
  • Cutting press (embossing, dieing)
  • Automatic leather scanning machine
  • Automatic nesting machine
  • Wrapping 

  • Adhesive manual  cabin
  • Drying bonding chamber
  • Manual bonding cabin
  • Automatic bonding cabin
  • Wrapping work bench with air laser alignment
  • Vacuum machines

Mock-up and Development Area

Fionda srl has a skilled Mock-Up and R&S Dept. that in synergy with the  technical department implements the required design with innovative production solutions, meeting customer needs. Fionda srl can start up from 2D/3D rendering, from technical  designs or from physical samples, generating all data  required by the customer. Fionda srl has a  team works in synergy with customers R&D  department in order to end up with a production  ready project.


Cutting and laser cutting machines for leather as well as textile cutters are part of the resources available to our customers. A wide range of our services, facilitates numerous further machine options in the cutting area. The company invests continuously in the newest technology in order to meet all production requirements.


Fionda srl is mainly engaged in the production of leather interior coatings for the automotive sector. The industrial process through which the product takes shape is defined by several stages:

  • embossing
  • flat step stitching
  • decorative stitching
  • two needle stitching
  • sab air bag stitching
  • sleeves stitching
  • metal wires installation
  • 100% thread cleaning
  • control 100% gp12


Possibility to emboss patterns in relief or negative, apply logos or decorative signatures.

Decorative stitching

Automatic, computer controlled stitching machines allow to apply patterns that improve both design and seating comfort. These patterns can be lines, squares, up to customers desire.

Two needle sewing

Double stitching in parallel, with the characteristic of having a greater resistance and an aesthetic decoration.

Air bag sewing machine

A computer controlled process that  stores all data relevant to this life  saving device. Several parameters are checked,  such as tread type, tension, stitching length and much more, all is stored and applied to the cover.

Control GP12

Dedicated workstation GP12 certifies compliance with all requirements imposed by the customer specifications and the internal quality systems:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015                  

IATF 16949:2016


After a cover is manufactured we can complete the job by positioning the cover on the seat frame or part to be upholstered. This craft requires highly skilled workers able to transform a perfect cover into a perfect  seat. This activity can be also performed as refurbishment service on site.

Leather Wrapping

Built-in parts are leather or textile wrapped, Fionda has a  dedicated production area where the latest technology is used  and a highly skilled craftsmanship is required.

The finished leather covering is fitted accurately by laser  positioning, allowing compliance with the stringent tolerances.

  • Surface tension application
  • Bonding application(manual/automatic)
  • Manual covering
  • Turning up
  • Vacuum
  • Finishing
  • Control 100% gp12